Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening

Green Living is in your Nature!

Practicing sustainability is essentially about expressing our love for creation and reaching for perfection (which ironically means accepting imperfection). It’s a conscious act of protecting our environment by working with nature to its ultimate benefit. These include the following gardening practices:

– Building soil health through the use of organic fertilisers, soil conditioners and composting methods that work harmoniously together to adjust the soil composition and pH as well as improving nutrient value.
– Using natural or organic solutions to pest, disease and weed control.
– Reducing the use of water and finding ways to retain moisture through organic practices such as mulching.
– Growing one’s own fresh produce to provide a healthy and sustainable food resource.
– Reducing the use of plastic.

With sustainable gardening being an imperative trend, Mango Moon continually seeks to source ideas and products locally and abroad that make such practices easy and effective.

We encourage you to take responsibility for the impact you are having on climate change and environmental damage.

Think wisely and act intentionally!

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