EcoBuz: What’s the Buzz February Newsletter

This month our Partner EcoBuz shares some interesting thoughts on the relationship between insects and having healty soils and gardens. In their Newsletter you will also find some great gardening tips for us during the hot summer days. Thanks EcoBuz!

Hot summer days always remind me of cool evenings sitting out in the garden with my family. Life for my parents seemed to slow down to a standstill, while we as kids enjoyed the fading heat of the day and the increasing volume of the ‘insect concerto’ my mom’s garden produced.

Insects are disappearing at a rapid rate, and studies suggest the extensive use of  pesticides may be to blame. Dr Jonathan Lundgren, a US agroecologist, recently shared the most staggering statistic ‘For every pest species, there are between 400 and 1700 species of insects that are beneficial to humans’. This is certainly food for thought…

At EcoBuz, our team is ‘a Buz’ with gardening solutions that have no impact on bees and beneficial insects. Our focus is on building healthy soils and gardens that are friendly to nature.

We wish you many happy days in your garden during 2020 – the year that has been recognised by the UN, FAO as the International Year of Plant Health.

Michelle Lesur
Managing Director, Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture

February is typically one of the hottest and ‘toughest’ months for your garden. There are 3 major challenges for the sustainable gardener to overcome to ensure success this month:

  • Healthy plants are less susceptible to heat extremes
  • Pest pressure is high – early observation and application is key
  • Water, water, water

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Pest Pro is a bio-insecticide (biological insecticide) now available to home gardeners.

Unique benefits of Pest Pro:

  • Safe and effective
  • No impact on beneficial insects, pets, birds or children
  • No residuals – spray today and eat today
  • Effective on all lifestyle stages ie. eggs, larvae and insects

Read more about Pest Pro


Tanya Visser has been actively involved in the testing and trialling of EcoBuz products in the garden.
We are proud to have Tanya endorse the EcoBuz range. Tanya’s expertise and powerful ability to share, educate and reach consumers forms an integral tool in communicating the many benefits of biological solutions to the home gardener.
Informative, simple product video links are available on the full EcoBuz range on the EcoBuz YouTube Channel. 

Click here to let Tanya ‘show you how’

Feedback from an awesome fan

“Just back from one month away – roses spectacular on my return thanks to excellent pruning and feeding by my friends Liz,
Gail and EcoBuz! I’ve been using the products since the launch by the Midlands Rose Society in April, and I am so impressed!” – Adee Varney, KZN

Look our for our full page advert in the February Issue of The Gardener and Die Tuinier this month, highlighting the reasons why EcoBuz pest control solutions should be your preferred option this summer:

  • Safe & effective
  • Friendly to bee’s & beneficial insects
  • Spray today, eat today
  • Easy to use

For more information on each product please visit

Look out for EcoBuz promoters in a store near you!
11 March – SANA Autumn Trade Day
1 April – Cape Green Forum Trade Day
8 February – Lifestyle Garden Centre, Garden Club talk
3 – 5 April – Autumn Herb Show, The Herb Farm
Looking for your closest EcoBuz outlet? Click here to view our updated list of stockists.
Is EcoBuz available in your favourite gardening outlet? If not please let us know.

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