Wooden Planter Boxes

Rustic Wooden planter boxes are useful for lending a decorative element to patios, courtyards and stairways.
Vegetables and herbs planted into these sturdy boxes are both ornamental and productive, and if the boxes are especially close to the kitchen, then the chances of the herbs and vegetables being harvested and finding their way onto the table are even better.

Benefits of Mango Moon Garden boxes:
– Provide affordable and easy access to healthy, nutritious herbs and salad greens.
– Available assembled and are designed to hold a 5dm bag of potting soil.
– Portable and can be moved around according to the seasons.
– Can be placed on a table, which is handy especially for older gardeners.
– Include detailed instructions giving planting ideas, care tips and advice on how to plant and grow organically.

Includes a ready cut plastic liner for easy installation.

40cm (w) x 50cm (l) x cm (h)

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